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    Please complete the appointment form.
    Book a prep appointment for just information – In an information consultation session, our PrEP Navigator will provide you with more information on PrEP treatment, required laboratory tests, and costs. Also, we can provide information on Sexually Transmitted Infections, HIV testing, and HIV prevention information.
    Book an appointment for enrollment – In an initial enrollment consultation session, our PrEP Navigator will complete an HIV risk assessment with you, complete a Financial Assessment to determine costs (no one is refused services based on their inability to pay), will discuss laboratory testing options, and will schedule the first virtual visit with a PrEP provider.
    Phone : 915.773.0601

    After Booking

    These are the items you need to have available with you when you sign in to your appointment with a provider.
    • Previous Medical History
    • Emergency numbers
    • List of current medications
    • Any labs conducted in prior month

    Have a healthy life!

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