Find out the PrEP cost for your medication, appointments and labs. Talk to a PrEP navigator today for more information.

TelePrEP aims to provide affordable, accessible, quality PrEP services and Truvada (prep pill) to patients in the states of Texas and New Mexico. First time patients will be assessed a doctor’s fee and a lab fee based on their monthly income. Insurances are accepted.  The medication is provided at $0 cost. The assessment of costs will be conducted at the first initial enrollment consultation.

    -No one is refused PrEP services based on their inability to pay.

   -Doctor’s  and lab fees must be assessed prior to consultation

  *   Medication is completely free of charge

Now under the the Affordable Care Act, the majority of insurance programs and health insurance plans must cover PrEP for free. There is no charge for the medication, your visits with your prep navigator or doctor, your labs or any tests that allow you to keep your medication. Even if you don’t have insurance, there are other available programs that will help you get PrEP at a lower cost or completely free.

For more information about PrEP under the Affordable Care Act, go to CDC site.

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